Buy a Home

Buying a house and moving – even under the best of circumstances! – is a stressful endeavor. Your Halcyon Real Estate Services will do everything he or she can to make the process as painless as possible for you. Our agents are excellent resources. They can help with local recommendations on everything from moving companies to contractors, landscapers, interior designers and more. So be sure to ask them any questions you have during your move! Here’s a checklist and timeline to help you get organized for moving day.

Moving Checklist & Timeline

8 Weeks Before Your Move

  • Purge & Donate – get rid of anything that you really don’t need; set aside time to drop off donations or schedule a pick-up through a local charity.
  • Research Moving Companies – take the time to get an on-site estimate in writing.
  • Collect Important Records – arrange for transfer of school records, medical charts, veterinarian files, etc.
  • Schedule Doctor Appointments – if you or any family members or pets are due for an annual exam (dental or medical), get that done ASAP; ask your doctors for referrals in your new city.
  • Create a Moving File – this is where you can keep all important receipts, quotes and other move-related information.

7 Weeks Before Your Move

  • Transfer Your Insurance – find out what changes you need to make to auto and home policies.
  • Identify & Use Items You Can’t Move – begin to use up what’s in your freezer or pantry; remember, you can’t move most cleaning supplies or even propane for the BBQ grill.

6 Weeks Before Your Move

  • Cancel or Transfer Memberships – find out if you can transfer memberships to fitness clubs and other member groups; if you can’t, cancel them.
  • Identify Valuables – you may not trust some items with the moving company, so identify those and decide how you will transport them (ship them separately? take them in your car?)

5 Weeks Before Your Move

  • Change Your Address – file change-of-address paperwork with the post office, bank, cell phone company, credit card company, magazines, newspapers, etc.
  • Notify Professional Services About the Move – let your attorney, accountant, financial planner, etc. know you are moving so they can file appropriate paperwork to change your address for you.
  • Order Moving Supplies – order boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, packing tape, markers and specialty boxes (for clothes, dishes, etc.).
  • Start Packing – identify items that are seasonal or not used often and pack them up now; be sure to carefully mark what’s in each box and the room in which they belong.

4 Weeks Before Your Move

  • Verify Your Move Date – contact your moving company to ensure everything is set for your move.
  • Cancel & Set Up Utilities – you’ll need to cancel utilities in your old location and set them up for your new home.
    • Water
    • Gas
    • Telephone
    • Cable/internet
    • Sewer
    • Trash
    • Electric
  • Make Travel Arrangements for Pets – do you need to board them on either end of your move? How are they arriving at your new destination?

3 Weeks Before Your Move

  • Service Your Car – make sure your car is in tip-top shape for your moving road trip.
  • Dispose of Non-Movable’s – old paint, cleaning supplies, propane, etc. cannot be moved and must be properly disposed of (via a hazardous waste program through your city or by giving them to a friend).
  • Connect with Friends & Family – now’s the time to host a going away party and alert friends and family about how to reach you once you’ve relocated. 

2 Weeks Before Your Move

  • Verify Travel Arrangements – confirm plans for transporting your family, pets, houseplants and valuables to the new location.
  • Use Up Food – finish eating up the food in your pantry or freezer (you might have to get creative!).
  • Clean Rugs & Drapes – it’s nice to have your curtains and rugs cleaned prior to your move so you can have a “fresh start” in your new home.
  • Pack Your Bags – you’ll want to pack a suitcase or two for the first few nights in your new home; ensure toiletries, personal items and prescriptions are in your suitcase.

1 Week Before Your Move

  • Pack an Essentials Box – you’ll take this with you in your car for the first day in your new home; include paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, paper plates, plastic utensils, etc.
  • Prepare Outdoor Equipment – drain water hoses, remove gas from lawn equipment and BBQ grills, etc.
  • Fill Prescriptions – get any medication refills that you need for yourself, your kids or your pets.
  • Alert Your Credit Card Company – let them know you’re moving so they don’t flag any move-related purchases as suspicious, which could lead to a freeze on your account.

Day Before Your Move

  • Be Available – even if you’ve hired a moving company, it’s still important to oversee the move.
  • Check & Double-Check – when the boxes and furniture have been removed, check every room and closet carefully to ensure nothing has been left behind.
  • Leave Your New Address – leave a note for the new owners with your forwarding address so they can get stray mail back to you.