Sell a Home

Selling a house and moving is incredibly stressful. But your Halcyon Real Estate Services is here to help. Need some pre-listing work done on the house? Your agent can recommend painters, contractors, landscapers and more. And, thanks to our exclusive global affiliations, we can set you up with a Willis Allen-approved Realtor, whether your move is taking you to Baltimore or Belfast. Here’s a checklist and timeline to get you organized for moving day.

Moving Checklist & Timeline

8 Weeks Before Your Move

  • Purge & Donate – get rid of anything that you really don’t need; set aside time to drop off donations or schedule a pick-up through a local charity.
  • Research Moving Companies – take the time to get an on-site estimate in writing.
  • Collect Important Records – arrange for transfer of school records, medical charts, veterinarian files, etc.
  • Schedule Doctor Appointments – if you or any family members or pets are due for an annual exam (dental or medical), get that done ASAP; ask your doctors for referrals in your new city.
  • Create a Moving File – this is where you can keep all important receipts, quotes and other move-related information.

7 Weeks Before Your Move

  • Transfer Your Insurance – find out what changes you need to make to auto and home policies.
  • Identify & Use Items You Can’t Move – begin to use up what’s in your freezer or pantry; remember, you can’t move most cleaning supplies or even propane for the BBQ grill.

6 Weeks Before Your Move

  • Cancel or Transfer Memberships – find out if you can transfer memberships to fitness clubs and other member groups; if you can’t, cancel them.
  • Identify Valuables – you may not trust some items with the moving company, so identify those and decide how you will transport them (ship them separately? take them in your car?)

5 Weeks Before Your Move

  • Change Your Address – file change-of-address paperwork with the post office, bank, cell phone company, credit card company, magazines, newspapers, etc.
  • Notify Professional Services About the Move – let your attorney, accountant, financial planner, etc. know you are moving so they can file appropriate paperwork to change your address for you.
  • Order Moving Supplies – order boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, packing tape, markers and specialty boxes (for clothes, dishes, etc.).
  • Start Packing – identify items that are seasonal or not used often and pack them up now; be sure to carefully mark what’s in each box and the room in which they belong.

4 Weeks Before Your Move

  • Verify Your Move Date – contact your moving company to ensure everything is set for your move.
  • Cancel & Set Up Utilities – you’ll need to cancel utilities in your old location and set them up for your new home.
    • Water
    • Gas
    • Telephone
    • Cable/internet
    • Sewer
    • Trash
    • Electric
  • Make Travel Arrangements for Pets – do you need to board them on either end of your move? How are they arriving at your new destination?

3 Weeks Before Your Move

  • Service Your Car – make sure your car is in tip-top shape for your moving road trip.
  • Dispose of Non-Movable’s – old paint, cleaning supplies, propane, etc. cannot be moved and must be properly disposed of (via a hazardous waste program through your city or by giving them to a friend).
  • Connect with Friends & Family – now’s the time to host a going away party and alert friends and family about how to reach you once you’ve relocated. 

2 Weeks Before Your Move

  • Verify Travel Arrangements – confirm plans for transporting your family, pets, houseplants and valuables to the new location.
  • Use Up Food – finish eating up the food in your pantry or freezer (you might have to get creative!).
  • Clean Rugs & Drapes – it’s nice to have your curtains and rugs cleaned prior to your move so you can have a “fresh start” in your new home.
  • Pack Your Bags – you’ll want to pack a suitcase or two for the first few nights in your new home; ensure toiletries, personal items and prescriptions are in your suitcase.

1 Week Before Your Move

  • Pack an Essentials Box – you’ll take this with you in your car for the first day in your new home; include paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, paper plates, plastic utensils, etc.
  • Prepare Outdoor Equipment – drain water hoses, remove gas from lawn equipment and BBQ grills, etc.
  • Fill Prescriptions – get any medication refills that you need for yourself, your kids or your pets.
  • Alert Your Credit Card Company – let them know you’re moving so they don’t flag any move-related purchases as suspicious, which could lead to a freeze on your account.

Day Before Your Move

  • Be Available – even if you’ve hired a moving company, it’s still important to oversee the move.
  • Check & Double-Check – when the boxes and furniture have been removed, check every room and closet carefully to ensure nothing has been left behind.
  • Leave Your New Address – leave a note for the new owners with your forwarding address so they can get stray mail back to you.