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Are you contemplating investing in real estate? If you are, it might be the best decision you may ever make!

Halcyon is a trusted and proven real estate company. We understand the changing real estate market and can help you make the right investment decision. Hiring us means hiring a partner that has personal experience in investing.

Besides Poway, Halcyon Real Estate Services also serves the areas of San Diego County and has agents around the country as trusted referral partners. If you are also looking to buy an investment property, get in touch with us today. 


Why Should You Consider Investing in Real Estate? 

With the housing market in California averaging an increase in value of 5% at a minimum…appreciation is a given.  To be able to recognize the appreciation on the full asset value with only a percentage down is an excellence way to leverage your investment. The tax benefits of real estate are extremely attractive and we encourage everyone to consult with their CPA.


How Halcyon Can Help

Halcyon is one of the top-rated real estate and property management companies in Poway. We devote our time to managing rental properties, so investors like you can rest easy. 

So, what does working with us exactly mean? Well, here’s what you can expect:

Due Diligence

Halcyon will run all the numbers for you. That’s because we understand the Poway real estate market like the back of our hands. We’ll give you vital insights into things like vacancy rates, average rent prices, property taxes, tenant turnover costs, and anticipated property appreciation rates. 

What’s more, we’ll pair you with a real estate professional who specializes in your exact property type. Whether you want to invest in a single-family home or short-term rentals, or any other investment property, Halcyon has you covered!

Wide-Ranging Consultations 

At Halcyon, our clients’ needs always come first. As such, we’ll work hard to ensure you get exactly what you came looking for. We’ll consult with you on various aspects, from rent range estimates to geographic rent desirability. The goal here is to ensure that you invest in a property that guarantees to maximize your ROI. 

Quick Turn-around-Time

There is no downtime when you hire us. We’ll be ready to swing into action the moment you partner with us. Our goal is to get your property rented as quickly as possible to avoid long vacancy periods. 

Getting a property rent-ready involves a number of things including, determining the rent amount, repairing property issues, and giving the home a thorough clean. We’ll help you with all of that and more! 

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Our Property Management Services

As you probably know, managing a rental property can be anything but easy. Between filling vacant units, collecting rent, and responding to emergency maintenance calls, managing a property can prove daunting. 

Luckily for you, Halcyon can save you that hassle. Being a comprehensive real estate and property management company, we can help take care of all your property needs. Among other things, we’ll fill vacant units on time, rent to quality tenants, regularly inspect the unit, and collect rent without fail.

Here are just a few of our management services:

Property Marketing

Once we get your property rent-ready, we can begin the marketing process. Our marketing process is effective, as it’s not based on a “one size fits all” approach. We’ll closely examine your situation and needs, and craft a strategy that meets that criteria. Our goal is to have as many prospects as possible see your property thus reducing vacancies.

Tenant Screening

At Halcyon, we believe in only renting to quality tenants. We know firsthand the adverse effects a difficult tenant can have on your bottom line. Our screening process is specially designed to find tenants who will pay their rent on time, reasonably maintain the unit and respect the terms of the lease.

Our screening process examines a tenant on things like their employment history, creditworthiness, and rental background to ensure only the finest prospects can rent your property. 

Property Maintenance

We can help maintain your property. We’ll do this through routine inspections and prompt responses to maintenance calls. 

We’ll inspect your property regularly to ensure that your tenant is abiding by all terms and policies. Should any issues be found or a tenant brings them to your attention we are prepared to call upon our trusted maintenance team to fix the damages. 

Tenant Eviction

Thanks to our thorough screening process, evictions are rarely necessary. In the unlikely event that an eviction is necessary, you can rest assured we have the experience to get it done professionally and compassionately. 

What’s more, our team at Halcyon understands all applicable rental laws and we’ll ensure strict adherence to California’s eviction laws. 

Get Started Today

So, what are you still waiting for? You can reach us by dialing 858-243-5304 or by sending us an email at We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have!