Buyers Advice


Is now the time? The market says, "YES"! Why? Interest rates are very low and expected to go up later this summer. Also, home values are fair now so you are seeing more homes starting to come on the market so you may have options. Prices are still expected to increase by over 4% this year!

Start you search...Zillow, Redfin, etc are all good sites in order to get a feel for what is out there. However, they are no match for the MLS. Please contact me, Ginger, to set you up with your very own personalized search from the MLS database.

If you are planning to finance your purchase, please take the following steps to make the loan process easier:

  • Get a Pre-approval letter. This often needs to be included with an offer.
    I have resources if you need a loan officer.
  • Don't make any credit changes.
    This includes opening new store credit cards, buying a car, etc
  • Don't make any strange deposits.
    This is not the time to close out various accounts, sell many stocks, etc
    If you do make any deposits and withdraws, make sure to keep documents
  • Don't think that the listing agent will give you the best deal.
  • Make sure you have great representation