Seller Advice

To maximize the value of your home, you want to showcase its strengths and minimize its weaknesses without spending more money than necessary. Below are tips to ready your home for sale.

  1. Declutter! This includes excess furniture, pictures, knick knacks, closets, and drawers. Once you think you are done, you probably still need to store (box or get rid of) 50% more. This makes your home look larger and allows the buyer to visualize themselves in your home.
  2. Clean! Top to bottom, corners and garages. #1 and #2 are free (except for your time) and have the most significant, positive affect.
  3. Paint! This is relatively inexpensive and freshens your home.
  4. Enhance the curb appeal! Many people will drive right by the house of their dreams if the front is not inviting. Tidy up the front and decide if you would want to get out of your car to come inside.
  5. Fix the little things! Replace light bulbs, fix leaky faucets, tighten door knobs, etc
  6. Think light and bright! Open the curtains and blinds and clean the windows.
  7. Minor remodels that pay off: replacing light fixtures, bathrooms and kitchens (don't go overboard) and floors (refinish flooring or replace carpet)
  8. Make it smell fresh! Smell is one of the most important senses. If you have animals you may need to work harder but try candles and nice cleaning supplies to keep the scent of your home fresh.
  9. Be ready to show! The more accommodating you can be to prospective buyers and their agents the better. Have a lockbox and someone to pickup your dog/cat if you are unable to secure them.
  10. Find a favorite coffee shop! It is best that you and your family are not in the home when it is being shown. Buyers are often uncomfortable in expressing their feelings in the presence of the homeowner.

Good luck!!!